Nargis Sultana

Nargis Sultana, a dedicated and accomplished professional in the field of finance and academia, is currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Finance & Banking at Comilla University, Bangladesh. Born in Chattogram, Bangladesh, Nargis embarked on her academic journey with fervor for knowledge and a commitment to excellence.

Currently, Nargis Sultana is furthering her academic journey by pursuing a Master of International Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Georgia State University. Her commitment to academic excellence is complemented by her role as a Teaching Assistant, where she actively engages in supporting the learning environment within her academic community. This dual pursuit underscores her passion for fostering entrepreneurial thinking and innovative practices, both in the academic realm and the broader business landscape.

Nargis holds an MBA in Finance from the Faculty of Business Studies at the University of Chittagong, where she achieved a remarkable CGPA of 4.0 out of a 4.0 point scale, securing the first position. Prior to this, she completed her BBA in Finance & Banking from the same institution with a notable CGPA of 3.88, again securing the first position. Her academic prowess extends to her Higher Secondary and Secondary education, where she earned GPAs of 5.0 out of 5.0 in both.

Having a profound passion for teaching and research, Nargis has been serving at Comilla University since July 2016, initially as a Lecturer and subsequently as an Assistant Professor. She has successfully fulfilled additional responsibilities, serving as a Student Advisor from November 2016 to September 2018.

Nargis Sultana’s prolific contributions to academic research are underscored by a series of insightful publications that delve into critical facets of Bangladesh’s economic landscape. Her keen analytical skills are evident in works such as “Analytical Reflection of Balance of Payment Concerning Economy of Bangladesh” and “Role Played by Rickshaw Pullers in Economy Affected by Pricing Strategies.” Notably, her research extends to pressing issues, including the “Contemporary State of Unemployment of Bangladesh” and an in-depth analysis of credit risk within designated commercial banks. Furthermore, she explores the dynamic interplay between entrepreneurship and the job market in Bangladesh. In recent years, Nargis has demonstrated a forward-looking approach, delving into cutting-edge topics such as insur-tech and digital transformation in the insurance sector, showcasing her proficiency in anticipating and navigating the evolving landscapes of technology and finance. These works, indexed on IEEE Xplore and Scopus, reflect Nargis Sultana’s commitment to advancing scholarly discourse and her position as a notable contributor to the fields of economics and business management.

Nargis has demonstrated her commitment to professional development through successful completion of online courses, including ‘Inclusive Leadership Training’ and ‘Business and Its Environment’ offered by CatalystX through edX. She has also received a Statement of Accomplishment from the World Bank Group for the course on “Public-Private Partnerships.”

Beyond academia, Nargis has made valuable contributions to the media landscape. Her articles on diverse topics have been published in reputable newspapers like The Financial Express, The Independent, and The Daily Sun, reflecting her keen observations and analytical thinking.